Thursday, July 10, 2008

Scouting tour continues (July 3-9)

Thursday, July 3, 2008
Nora's Tango Weekend Opening Milonga. The ballroom was packed with many local tangueros and folks who flew in for Tango Weekend/Week. The dance floor buzzed with excitement, which in the beginning made floorcraft a bit of an issue. The dancers soon settled down, making it more pleasant. It was extremely generous of Nora to host this free milonga for all to attend, and many were blessed with the treat.

Friday, July 4.
Milonga @ Nora's Tango Weekend with performance by Luis Castro & Claudia Mendoza. The performance was fantastic -- this is how Pulgliese should be danced to! The milonga was less crowded than yesterday, which was a very good thing, but parking was problematic, and the solutions offered by the Clarion left much to be desired. (parking tip: Park at the In-N-Out across the freeway, but don't make a U turn into the front of the lot -- just make a regular left turn and enter from the back OR park around the corner from the Clarion/Westin on one of the side streets off of Bayshore).

Saturday, July 5
Milonga @ Nora's Tango Weekend with performances from Nito y Elba and Eduardo y Marissa. The performances were great. Parking was still frustratingly problematic, even upon arrival at 9:05 p.m.

Sunday, July 6
Watched the movie "Assassination Tango" by Robert Duvall, bought off of ebay for $0.01 (plus $3.75 shipping). The movie was OK, not great. Kinda long. But it did have its moments when tango philosophy was being discussed about halfway through. Probably the best tango dancing was at the end when credits were rolling (a sequence with Pablo Veron and Geraldine Rojas, which you can see on YouTube). Let me know if you want to borrow this from me; I am more than happy to share the love...

Milonga @ Nora's Tango Weekend. The grand weekend performance was great. The dancing was fun too. There was actually parking in the lot!

Monday, July 7
Milonga @ Nora's Tango Weekend. The milonga was not as well attended as the other nights, and I missed the performance by Eduardo and Claudia since I left early.

Wednesday, July 9
Milonga @ Nora's Tango Weekend. As usual, Eduardo Saucedo y Marisa Quiroga delivered two very fine, very theatrical/dramatic performances which were great (one where Eduardo was a werewolf and Marisa was Little Red Riding Hood, and their tango performance, which was extremely balletic in flavor). After their performances, they led a Chacarera for all to dance to. Their joy was infectious!

Word on the baldosa is that we could be seeing more of Omar Vega around these parts for a while (what a treat to have him social dancing at Nora's Tango Weekend/Week milongas!).

Come join me!

Thursday - Saturday. Nora's Tango Week Milongas

Saturday, July 12 - Maybe Gustavo & Jesica Hornos milonga and workshop @ Stage Dor in Sausalito (topic: Planeos, calesitas & vueltas).

Sunday, July 13 - Tango Kinesis workshop with Rosa y Arona on Sensual Hips.

Tuesday, July 15 - Women's Technique at TangoVida.

Mark your calendars:
Thursday, July 24
Louis Castro & Claudia Mendoza Book Signing, Author Program, Dance Demonstration, and Mini Milonga at the Mechanics Institute (57 Post Street, SF, 4th Floor, right by Montgomery BART). Cafe will be open at 6:00 p.m. (Argentine Cuisine available throughout the evening), 6:30 p.m. program.

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