Thursday, October 30, 2008

Scouting Tour from Buenos Aires (October 23-30)

Jueves, 23 de Octubre
Tecnicas de Danza Clasica para Ballarines de Tango lesson by Alejandro Biggo @ EAT Centro. This was another great class, as usual. Highly recommended!!!

Viernes, 24 de Octubre
P.H. (Grito de Ascencio 3602) I picked up the last of my custom shoe orders, and they are gorgeous, if I do say so myself. On our way over, Pablo and I stopped at some leather stores on Boedo. We found a nice piece (actually, two small pieces), and being unsure of how much to get, bought them both for 50 pesos total. When we brought them to Lilliana, she said there was enough material for two pairs of shoes since I wanted contrasting shoes (different strap, bottom, and heel color from the upper color). Had I wanted a shoe of all that material (upper, soles, heels, straps), it would have been enough for one. So I ended up ordering two more custom shoes, the discount being about 25 pesos each pair since the leather was being provided to her. Financially, it was about the same price as if I had just chosen one of her specialty leathers. It dawned on me then that P.H. really does specialize in custom orders. The inventory of ready-made shoes is more limited and traditional in style. But the amount of specialty and patterned leathers is extensive, and you can put together some pretty creative (funky! or elegant!) combinations with whatever heel they stock (including stiletto). You can even pick the color of the paint for the bottom of the shoe (I am thinking Red for next time, a la Christian Louboutin).

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