Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 17-23

Friday, March 18, 2011
MUSE Milonga with lesson beforehand by Glenn Corteza.
I got there late, and with my volunteering duties keeping me occupied, I missed the lesson. But I was told later on that the lesson was a good one, and covered interesting topics like Leader subtle and quick weight changes to do interesting things while not disturbing the Follower. The sequence involved the Follower counterclockwise molinete with Leader sacadas with his left and right foot, then he allows the Follower to complete the quick quick back cross and side step step and do a final sacada to the exit. As I watched the lesson, it seemed that the students were happy to be so blessed to have such attentive individual instruction. Howard's Like-A-Virgin series continues to be popular with the newbies, and even went over the alloted 90 minutes, as they seemed to be having a good time in an extremely supportive, encouraging environment. This milonga was also a benefit for the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami, and we were able to raise a nice chunk og change for the effort, with an extremely generous donation from Glenn Corteza. So a big thanks to all who came out to have fun for a good cause. DJ Neeraj spun the tunes for the evening, and did a fine job. We'll be seeing much more of him at local milongas behind and in front of the turntables ( Sheri helped with the food, bringing in the notorious Costco veggie platter with cauliflower. I tried not to tremble with fear and anxiety as I got near it, looking around to see if anyone had touched those child fist-size chunks, break off a piece and put the rest back for others to "enjoy." Thankfully, that didn't happen. Actually, best case is that those huge chunks weren't touched. Anyone who wanted the cauliflower wisely chose the smaller, more manageable pieces. Or they skipped it altogether and just went for the broccoli florets, which were all small and delicately sized, and packed a much better nutritional punch per calorie.

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Frances R said...

Thanks for your report, appreciated as always.
About Nora's milonga. On Tango Mango it is advertized as "Buenos Aires style". Since in Buenos Aires milongas everybody gets an assigned seat that no one else can take even for a moment to change the shoes (that are not supposed to be changed in the salon anyways), I can see how it could create certain expectations in some, and result in conflict and confusion.