Thursday, May 15, 2008

Scouting tour notes (May 8-14)

Saturday, May 10
Negracha & Diego Lanau's women's technique workshop @ La Pista. We did footwork/bodywork on the boleo, gancho, changes of intention (fast/slow), pivots, the parada/pasada/gancho, and stops. On adornos, we worked on taps and the foot trace. Maestros noted that the adornos should only be done if the leader gives you time to do it. Embellishments must be natural and free. It is important to continue to prepare your body through yoga and exercise. Maestros discussed the lead of the man in traditional versus nuevo (more democratic in nuevo). It was a good class.

Gustavo & Jesica Hornos class and milonga @ Stage Dor in Sausalito. The sequence taught involved the llevada (from the castellano verb llevar "to carry"). The llevada differs from the sacada or displacement because the leader steps with the follower's displaced leg, thus the carry. We linked three llevada steps, and learned a variation with the leader stepping with the follower in a different way, and then enganche-ing instead of stepping. Also, we did a sequence with the llevada step, followed by half molinete, followed by back ochos to the cross. Technical point: in the set-up for the enganche, the leader lifts the follower slightly so that she is put entirely on one foot and other leg is really free. Gustavo taught the lesson alone as Jesica was traveling. He is an excellent maestro with a very clear communication and detailed description of what leaders need to do. The milonga was a blast, as usual.

Sunday, May 11
Studio Gracia milonga and lesson taught by Negracha & Diego Lanau. The sequence taught was a clockwise molinete, then a back ocho, the immediately into a counterclockwise molinete. The milonga was great.

Wednesday, May 14
CCSF closing milonga and potluck. I had a blast. It was nice seeing all the classes represented, and all the photos of last weekend's performance.

Sunday, May 18
Cafe Cocomo milonga (Marcelo & Romina teach) or Studio Gracia milonga.

Monday, May 19
CCSF movie night (Hula Girls), followed by La Cumparsita milonga (Pier & Daniel teach the lesson on Volcadas).

Wednesday, May 21
TangoVida Women's Technique class on molinete y adornos.

Mark your calendars:

Monday, May 26 Chelsea Eng teaches at La Cumparsita milonga @ Slovenian Hall

Monday, June 2 Tango Con*Fusion fundraiser milonga @ La Cumparsita @ Slovenian Hall. Bring cash/a fat checkbook, or 100,000+ miles on American/United/Continental. There will be a tango boutique with clothes, shoes, books, CDs, etc. Chelsea teaches the lesson.

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