Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tour notes (May 15-22)

Monday, May 19
CCSF movie night - Hula Girls. A fun time was had by the ~40 students, some dressed in Hula style, who came together to watch the flick and nosh on popcorn and candy. This was the first time Chelsea held a movie night, and I think it was a hit. Maybe next semester we could have another these, with a tango movie as the featured flick (like the Tango Lesson or Tango [with Carlos Rivarola]).

Tuesday, May 20
Ed & Nora Dinzelbacher lesson & practica @ Allegro. Nora & Ed taught a sequence: 8CB to 4, with Leader sacada to displace Follower's left leg at 5, Follower's right foot does small floor beat back to outside left of left foot, followed by 1/2 counterclockwise molinete, to small colgada when Follower is entirely on her right leg (so left leg goes side out, then forward back in). The hour-long practica afterwards was very helpful to etch the steps/movements in our bodies.

Thursday, May 22
Verdi Club milonga

Friday, May 23
Los Altos Milonga, with lesson on Milonga con traspie with Guillermo Garcia of Trio Garufa.

Saturday, May 24
Sausalito Milonga @ Stage Dor with Gustavo & Jesica Hornos.

Monday, May 26
TangoVida women's technique class.

Mark your calendars:

Monday, May 26 Chelsea Eng teaches at La Cumparsita milonga @ Slovenian Hall. Lesson topic is the very challenging: "Equal Opportunity Sacadas"

Saturday, May 31 Musicality classes with musician Leonardo Suarez-Paz

Saturday, May 31 Allegro Breast Cancer Benefit. Our Tango Con*Fusion maestras Christy, Chelsea, and Carolina will be there, so you should be too. See details @

Sunday, June 1. Chelsea teaches the lesson @ Cafe Cocomo milonga. Discount for CCSF students with ID.

Monday, June 2 Tango Con*Fusion fundraiser milonga @ La Cumparsita @ Slovenian Hall. Bring cash/a fat checkbook, or 100,000+ miles on American/United/Continental. There will be a tango boutique with clothes, shoes, books, CDs, etc. Chelsea teaches the lesson.

Friday, June 13 Men's Technique class with Omar Vega (one of the famous maestros in Sally Potter's movie The Tango Lesson).

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